Goh V Shem (right) and Tan Wee Kiong


SHUTTLER Koo Kien Keat, whose doubles partnership with Tan Boon Heong has gone through ups and downs, has spoken out on a similar problem faced by Goh V Shem-Tan Wee Kiong.

As the BA of Malaysia think of breaking up the Olympic silver medallists, Kien Keat believes that the problems faced by V Shem-Wee Kiong can be resolved in a positive manner.

According to Kien Keat, who was once ranked World No 1 with Boon Heong, he has experienced what V Shem-Wee Kiong are currently going through.

“I also had the same problem with my partner, Boon Heong. But we asked ourselves whether our target and our direction were still on the same path.”

“The most important thing is that our direction and our target are the same because if our dream is the same then we should go on,” said Kien Keat.

“V Shem-Wee Kiong should really have a heart to heart talk about their partnership.

“For me, they are a great pairing. Otherwise how could they have won an Olympic silver medal?”

Kien Keat said V Shem-Wee Kiong need to be pragmatic in facing this tough period.

“I don’t know how it started. But all men have their egos but these should be kept aside.

“They should discuss and voice out what they think is right and if they are still on the same page, then there shouldn’t be any changes.”

Kien Keat who was once on the 2016 Thomas Cup team with V Shem-Wee Kiong, said the two must try to empathise each other’s problems.

“Firstly, we should let them settle their problems on their own and if there is no solution, we can call in a middleman.”

“The third person should be someone who V Shem-Wee Kiong trust and respect.”

Translated from Harian Metro

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