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INDOOR plants at shopping malls can have a positive influence on shoppers. Research has shown that people tend to spend more

time at retail outlets which have some greeneries.

Whether the “green” structures are for aesthetic purposes or because of our inclination to be close to nature, some of us can’t help but wonder how these trees can grow so well indoors without receiving much sunlight and rainfalls. Some tropical plants have even thrived in cool environments, thanks to the central air-conditioning system.

The answer — these trees are no longer alive. They are “preserved plants” that were once grown and nurtured like any other real plants.

Many of us are not aware of this because their leaves remain green, and trunks and branches seem sturdy.

According to Jonathan On, the director of Prolific Landscape & Nursery Sdn Bhd, which sells preserved palms and artificial plants, these plants are harvested from plantations and preserved in their original form.

Flowers and greens

“They maintain their natural appearance and feel so they look as realistic as live plants. After the trees are uprooted, they are soaked in a chemical solution that will seep into the leaves and bark to preserve them,” he told NST Property.

On said these plants are preferably kept indoors or, perhaps, under a sheltered space because they cannot stand too much humidity and sunlight.

When it comes to maintenance of the preserved plants, he said it only involves clearing the dust that they have collected over time.

Currently, as all the preserved palms and artificial plants are fabricated by the company’s counterpart in the United States, they may be a bit costly and are primarily sold to clients in the commercial sector.

Preserved palms are usually installed in large lobby areas in malls, hotels and office buildings, stretching high-up towards the ceiling with their size and style easily customised to fit the space.

Though they do not function like live plants, with their authentic ornamental beauty, preserved palms will definitely be a great addition to enhance the corporate image of a commercial property.

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