Students who were caught for truancy being drug tested by officials from Nationa Anti Drug Agency (NADA) in Klang, Selangor recently. File pix by Faiz Anuar

THERE are reports of people dying from taking drugs. A recent case was about a drug addict from Perlis who killed his 57-year-old father by stabbing him in the back.

There is something wrong with our youth. We see them having easy access to drugs. Now we have cases of schoolchildren sniffing glue.

In some cases, it’s the students’ families who are to blame. Some children live with drug addict parents.

Some come from broken homes or feel neglected.

Parents play an important role in preventing drug abuse by their children. If there is any conflict between parents, they should keep it between themselves and not drag their kids into the mess.

A healthy environment is crucial for the growth of kids. Parents should listen and understand the problems of their children.

In school, teachers should not be judgmental about problematic students, but instead, help them.

The government should also conduct drug tests in schools and universities.

Ilya Kareena Ibrahim

Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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