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JOHOR BAHRU: These are truly desperate times. A car was broken into in Jalan Mariamah here on Wednesday and two things were stolen. School bags.

The owner of the car, Nor Hasyimah Md Hasyim, was shocked to find her rear car window smashed. She then took to Facebook to lament on the incident. In her post, along with several photos of the incident, the bank employee said no valuables were stolen other than her two children’s school bags.

“Kereta saya kena pecah sekejap tadi di Jalan Mariamah JB berhadapan Condo Vista Height.Tiada barang berharga yang hilang cuma mohon pulangkan balik beg sekolah anak-anak saya. Dalam beg penuh buku-buku sekolah saja. (My car has been broken into just now in Jalan Mariamah JB opposite Vista Height condo. No valuables were missing but please return my children’s school bags. There are only school books in there,” pleads the mother.

She also appealed to anyone concerned to simply place the bags containing books from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (P) Sultan Ibrahim and Sekolah Kebangsaan Sultan Ibrahim at the schools’ guardhouses.

Netizens were quick to react and her post had received more than 100 shares. Some Netizens told Nor Hasyimah to stay positive and to be patient.

One Netizen, Amy Aziz, commented by saying: “Sekarang ni memang tidak boleh leka. Plastik beg pun mereka sanggup pecahkan. (Nowadays, we can’t be careless. Even plastic bag also they will break into).”

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