Honda’s BRV has taken top spot as the best selling MPV.

AT an event marking its 600,000th unit milestone in Malaysia earlier this week, Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd announced that it had exceeded the 100,000 mark in a fiscal year.

The achievement is remarkable for a non-Malaysia make.

However, what was even more intriguing was that the BRV also outsold the Perodua Alza, grabbing the top MPV sales spot (Honda seems to categorise the BRV as an MPV, although others in the industry term it SUV) from the national carmaker.

The Alza is more than RM30,000 cheaper than the BRV, which is a testament to Honda’s success at appealing to the Malaysian consumer.

From 2011 to 2016, Honda’s market share in Malaysia rose from 6.1 per cent to 15.8 per cent.

Honda’s success can be attributed to an aggressive export policy and an unmatched ability to create products that meet the requirements in areas of the globe that other car makers find challenging.

Its success in South East Asia for example, is the envy of manufacturers worldwide.

Products like the City and the BRV, which are tailor made for these regions are proof that a keen understanding of what the customer wants is the key to sales success.

In short, make what the customer wants, and the cars will fly out the showroom.

Taxman wants Uber and Grabcar drivers to declare

The Inland Revenue Board wants ride hailing car drivers to declare their earnings.

Chief Executive Officer Datuk Sabin Samitah said that earnings from the service, if it exceeds RM30,000 when combined with their fixed income, would be subject to tax.

The earnings should be declared as additional income in form B.

The numbers may have grown, but as of late last year, Bernama reported that there were 60,000 ride sharing drivers registered in Malaysia.

Uber and Grabcar drivers will also soon need to be registered with Spad.

Spad chairman Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar announced that proposed amendments to the Spad Act to regulate ride-share services were being scrutinised by the Attorney-General’s Chambers and would be tabled soon.

It seems like ride sharing will no longer be a ‘free for all’, with taxmen and regulators hot on the heels of ride share operators.

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