LEFT: Play with proportion by topping cropped flares with a midi dress — just make sure that it’s minimal volume for a polished result. RIGHT: Cuff your extra-long styles to show off your latest season heels.

I WAS in Paris last month, mainly for the Swarovski X Neelofa campaign, and the trip was surprisingly amazing considering the windy 6 degrees C weather.

The idea of flying to Paris and leaving my daughter on her first birthday is mind-boggling. She is too attached to me. I bring her everywhere — for loaning, fitting, meeting up with designers, wardrobe sourcing (shopping!) and occasionally meeting with my clients — with a nanny by my side, of course.

But I did it, kissed her goodnight and caught my red-eye to Paris. Besides completing my shoot successfully, my goal was to dress stunningly like a Parisian while I was there. And the best part was Paris Fashion Week was on the same week.

The prospect of bumping into celebrities and style stars running from Elie Saab to Dior, Balenciaga and Chanel, excited me. They always do it in style. After all, if you’re going to bring your fashion to A-Game, where else would you do so but the City of Lights?


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT:Altingsburg Lighthouse was built in 1907; Cannons at Fort Melawati welcome tourists; Boats used in firefly-watching cruises; King Kong of a different kind is present here; Auntie Foo’s coconut shake is arguably the best in Kuala Selangor; Crab vermicelli is a must-eat at Sin Hai Ping; Sweet slurpy cendol from Cendol Bakar; Giant statues of deities greet visitor at Nam Yin Tong Temple.


With my hotel balcony looking down Place Vendome and overlooking Eiffel Tower, I had a good view. My eyes were fixated on the sidewalks outside for a high fashion stroll. Everyone dressed to the nines all week, experimenting with a lot of colour-blocking, mastering monochromatic style, oversized coats and well, oversized everything and lots of bright colours.

But what inspired me was the way they incorporated “a touch of effortlessness” or “a dash of Parisian” in every outfit they wore. Nothing is OTT with a Parisian. There must be one key piece that grounds the whole look together.

And I realised that the key outfit formula is denim and a band T-shirt. Which is amazing since 99 per cent of us own at least a pair of denims. Whether we’re running errands, heading for a meeting or going out with friends, denim is repeatedly our solution for any and every outfit conundrum.

Since we rely on it so often, we don’t necessarily approach denim with a sartorial fervour like a Parisian.

Let me help you break out of your rut, and welcome cooler and creative ways to style your jeans like Parisians.


Fashion stylist Min Luna can be seen regularly in local top celebrities’ Instagram stories because to them, she is a style magician. She has a self-inflicted obsession with Valentino’s romantic dresses and thinks resin slip-ons have no place in anyone’s wardrobe. Follow her journey on Instagram @minluna or write to her at


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