(File pix) 'Aunty Gemok' in her element and most definitely how she will be remembered by her many customers. Pix from nigellow.wordpress.com

KUALA LUMPUR: With the positive reviews about her Penang fried kuey teow floating around on social media and through word of mouth, it can be said that Kelana Jaya's 'Aunty Gemok' or Aunty Ah Hi, is a Petaling Jaya icon, albeit an unofficial one.

News however began making rounds on the Internet today that the aunty had passed away.

Known simply as 'Aunty Gemok' but not in a derogatory manner, her stall is located within the Jamal Mohamed Restaurant along Jalan SS5A/9, near the Football Association Malaysia (FAM) building in Kelana Jaya.

With the famous dish made using halal ingredients, her stall attracts people from various races and the aunty was said to have been in the fried kuey teow business for more than 20 years.

Tributes have begun pouring in on Twitter and Facebook since morning.

One such tribute came from famous entrepreneur and actress Neelofa.

"Just heard that Aunty Gemok of the legendary kuey teow Kelana Jaya has passed away. Thank you for the delicious kuey teows! You will be missed and the place will not be the same!" she posted on Twitter.

Twitter user @Nadia_Nazir extended her gratitude to the late aunty for providing her with joy all these years through her char kuey teow.

Facebook user Sophian Ezudean wrote, "Is this true? Sooo sad to hear this, been a loyal customer since a very very young age."

Sports writer Vijhay Vick meanwhile remarked on Twitter how having kuey teow in front of Wisma FAM would never be the same.

"Thank you for the kueh teow goreng, Aunty Gemuk FAM. Rest in peace," wrote @kzamri on Twitter.

Astro Arena sports presenter Dayang Z said she had been enjoying 'Aunty Gemok's' fried kuey teow since her younger days.

"And when I grew older, she would always ask 'ahmoi Astro kenapa sudah lama tidak mari (Astro girl, been a while since I've seen you here)' every time I came to makan (eat). RIP Aunty. You will be missed," she said.

Twitter user @AditRahim remarked how 'Aunty Gemok's' passing marked a sad day for many Petaling Jaya kids.

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