At Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai, Hanna Hussein gets spoiled by its amenities

OH, it’s so breathtaking! Looking out from the floor-to-ceiling window, the view from my Deluxe room overlooks Business Bay Canal, the bluish saltwater canal that separates Bur Dubai and Deira.

In the distance I can see the golden desert but Dubai is not just flat sandy land, in fact the city is super modern with lots of high rise buildings and here is where the world’s tallest skyscrapper, Burj Khalifa, stands.

Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai is where my sister and I will be settled in for a couple of days to enjoy our summer holiday exploring the city — enjoy Middle Eastern cuisine, shop and sightsee.

The hotel is located not too far from Burj Khalifa, making it an ideal choice for us.

Plus, the Deluxe room is super spacious.

We love the funky interior especially the camel deco backdrop of our plush king size bed, bedside bulb lamps and a large roomy marble bathroom complete with a extravagant tub and a separate shower room. Guests enjoy a luxury collection of Amouage products!

The room offers abundant natural light from the large windows, so take your camera out and start shooting. There’s also a walking closet. Yerp, we’re definitely being spoilt.


Now, here’saplace whereIdo not want to miss my chance to try out the spa. Six Senses Spa is not like any typical spa that I have been to before. The spa reception area is swathed in a palate of beige, sand and light naturals — very fresh and contemporary.

It offers modern treatment featuring holistic therapies in six treatment suites.

Each is dedicated to different senses like sound, sight, touch, smell, taste and beyond to offer a perfect balance of calm and sensory experiences.

I am given a form to fill and a delicious welcome drink made of almond milk and dates. I opt for the 30-minute sensory experience in the Touch Suite followed by a 60-minute massage.

The Touch sensory treatment starts with 15 minutes in a sauna. It’s quite calming to sit back, relax and focus on my breathing.

Next, I am invited in to a floating pod, the focal point of this suite. It looks like a huge egg from the outside, and the inside is filled with salt water. My therapist hands me a floating pillow and advices me to stay calm and just lie and float naturally.

Honestly, I am anxious about getting into the closed pod but the therapist ensures me that it is safe and very relaxing. Indeed, after I let my body float and close my eyes, I feel weightless, releasing muscle tension.

The buoyancy removes the effects of gravity on the body, bringing it closer to weightlessness. This induces a deep state of relaxation to reduce stress and promote healing.

This treatment helps replenish magnesium, relieving muscle spasms and cramping, and it’s also beneficial for hormonal balancing, pain relief, increased circulation and more restful sleep.

After 15 minutes, my therapist knocks on the pod door and it’s time to go out. I shower to clean off the salt water and surprisingly my skin feels so soft after.

The treatment continues with a hard pressure massage and I end my treatment with a cup of lemongrass tea and dried fruit while I enjoy the city view.


On our last night at the hotel, my sister and I book a table at the new Japanese restaurant by Chef Masaharu Morimoto.

Located on the 23rd and 24th floors of the hotel, Morimoto Dubai can only be accessed from a door next to the lobby.

With a mix of traditional Japanese and contemporary design, the restaurant gives guests a sense of luxuriousness. Its expansive space comprises a lounge, large bar area, teppanyaki and sushi counter, three private dining rooms and four outdoor terraces, including private access terraces with unobstructed views of the Burj Khalifa.

We sit at one of the teppanyaki counter on the 24th floor. The atmosphere is very calm, not many guests up here compared to the 23rd floor where the sushi counter is located

A Japanese teppan chef greets us with a bow. The teppanyaki menu which offers quite a few selections, but we can also order from the menu from the restaurant below.

“Here it’s not only about the action, but more about the taste of the delicacies,” says our good-looking waiter.

Chef Morimoto’s infuses traditional dishes with Western ingredients and preparation techniques.

We choose a couple of dishes to share including lamb cutlet with demi-glace sauce and yellowtail with teriyaki sauce for starters, and Australian wagyu tenderloin 150g steak signature. The food is good and we indulge in the exquisite taste, slowly.

We also try signature drinks — a glass of yuzu that goes really well with the dishes as well as a glass of matcha and coconut water which is so rich in flavour. We end the meal with a plate of sweet s’more made of dark brown sugar graham, salted milk chocolate mousse and toasted marshmallow.



Marasi Drive, PO Box 191984, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

TEL +971 4 512 5555

FAX +971 4 431 8585


STAY Renaissance Downtown Dubai offer eight types of room and suites—Deluxe room, Club room, Corner Suite, Deluxe Suite, Executive Suite, Vice Presidential Suite, Presidential Suite as well as Two Bedroom Residence.

EATHead to BHAR, a Middle Eastern-style brasserie with cuisine crafted by Chef Mohanad Alshamali for breakfast. The restaurant also offers buffet choices for lunch and dinner. There are three other signature restaurants — Morimoto Dubai where you can indulge Japanese fusion dishes, Bleu Blanc where one can savour refined southern French farmhouse flair by celebrity chef David Myers, the Italian flair of Basta! , also headed by Myers, where one can get the feel of a Roman trattoria, Florentine steakhouse and Neapolitan pizzeria in one buzzing venue.

The hotel also has Grounded where one can relax with a cup of coffee and light snacks and Bhar Lounge where you can chill and socialise over drinks.

DO The hotel has a spa, a fitness centre and a pool. You can also enjoy a walk by the canal.

GO The hotel offers free shuttle to attractions including Burj khalifa, City Walk and Kite


HIGHS Great location. Oh, not to forget, free valet parking for guests!

LOWS Nothing to complain!

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