Train approaching as it runs right through the market.
A tourist recording on her phone as the train approaches.
Normal scene at the market.
One of the vegetable vendor along the railroad track
The goods laid out along the track at the market.

OUT of all the markets that I have visited, none is as unique as this one... the Maeklong Train Market in Bangkok. What makes it special is that the market is built around a railroad line.

The train runs right through the market several times a day. Minutes before the train approaches, a warning bell will go off on the loudspeaker. As soon as the vendors hear the warning, they will quickly take down the awnings over their goods. The train passes literally inches from goods.

Amazingly none of the goods are damaged. After it passes, the whole market scene goes back to normal as if nothing had happened. The market comprises vendors selling mainly fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, spices and some clothing.

Located about 80km outside of Bangkok, it is accessible by car or train. The journey takes one hour depending on Bangkok traffic. It opens daily from 6.30am to 5pm. The best time to visit is in the morning, when the temperature is bearable and the vendors have the best selections.

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