Welcome to a Bangkok floating market.
A familiar face, a vendor with a straw hat sellingThai food.
A vendor selling her produce to tourists.
Lots of yummy Thai food!
One of the familiar faces at the floating market.

SHOPPING in Bangkok is not limited to terra firma. It’s been said that a visit to the capital of the Kingdom of Smiles is not complete if you don’t check out its floating markets.

It is a whole new shopping experience that give visitors - first-timers and regulars - a chance to taste some of the best local food.

One of the most popular floating markets in Bangkok is Damnoen Saduak located 100km from downtown. While one can take land transportation - either a booked tour, chartered taxi or public transportation - taking a long tail boat is the most exciting. It adds a sense of adventure and romance to a shopping excursion.

The floating market is a shopping heaven, offeringa wide choice of goods, from souvenirs to tasty food.

Sticky mango rice is a must-have. This is my third visit and I love the hustle and bustle of the market. However, Damnoen Saduak Floating market has changed compared to my first visit. It is now more commercial and touristy. But still, I love spending my mornings there.

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