Viji likes to take a very brisk walk every day.


Viji Nair

Age: 47

Occupation: Senior project manager

Weight: 55kg

Height: 1.54m (5’1”)


1. What is your weekly exercise routine like?
A brisk walk daily if time and the weather permits.


2. What is your fitness aim?
At the moment it is to lose 2kg.


3. How do you get over being too lazy to exercise?
I’ve been walking for years now and I enjoy it very much. So I guess the fact that I enjoy it really helps.


4. What is your favourite workout?


5. What is your typical breakfast?
 Coffee and cream crackers.


6. What is the one junk food you cannot live without?


7. How long do you sleep at night?
On average about five hours.


8. What is your favourite fitness app/fitness tracker?
 I have a pedometer.


9. What is the first thing you do after you wake up in the morning?
Have coffee.


10. What is your advice to get people to exercise for health?
You need to keep motivating yourself whether it is to stay healthy and/or to keep fit and look good (that’s a good motivator) or find yourself a group where people motivate each other.


11. What is your favourite source of protein and why?
Yogurt because I love it!


12. What shoes do you run in?


13. The single thing which exercise has taught you?
That you have to be very disciplined.


14. What’s your favourite time to exercise?



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