Edan was Malaysia’s fastest marathoner in 2016.

Marathoner Edan Syah provides some tips on achieving your personal best and staying in the game

YOU may not outdo that runner at your park whom you’ve been trying to beat for the past month. And you may not run that distance your friend has been boasting about all week.

But you can set your fitness goals differently. Tweak your competitive edge a little and focus on yourself. Try this for a change: Beat your personal best.

Edan in training


When you have everything in place for the win, your mental state is also at its optimum level.

The thing to remember when beating your personal best is that more than stamina, your mind needs to be strong.

It is the will in you that will get you far and to the kilometre you need to be. So staying positive is crucial.

Rule your run and beat your personal best – because you know that is what’s going to get you to the finish line.  

I will be participating in the 2017 BMW Berlin Marathon in September.

Doing anything out of passion is a bigger-than-life feeling. My tagline ‘Dare to Dream’ has always been a motivation and I believe the best way to get ahead is to first get ahead of ourselves.

The Berlin marathon is one of the largest and most popular road races in the world which began in 1974.

In 2008, the race had 40,827 starters from 107 countries and more than one million spectators. The event traditionally takes place on the last weekend in September and more world records have been set on the Berlin course than anywhere else.

I am ready to take on Berlin’s flat profile, even surface, cheering spectators and its frequently mild autumn temperatures.

My mind is fixed on one achievement and that is to beat my personal best.

I am determined to out-do myself at this race and have taken into consideration the methods which will help me reach my goal.

With many local running events being organised, it is a great opportunity for everyone to practise the tips and rules I have put forward.


Edan warming up with his students.


MALAYSIA’S fastest marathoner, Edan Syah, recently made a huge achievement by breaking his personal record with the time of 2:30:53 at the Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2017.

It took place in early July, sealing his position as the fastest Southeast Asian marathoner and fastest Malaysian in this IAAF Gold Label Race.

Edan also crossed the finish line to win the 2017 Jacob's Creek Barossa Marathon Festival, breaking the course record and achieving a season best time of 2:36:46.

As a Lucozade Sport Hydration Advocate and trainer, Edan conducts running clinics and coaching sessions through his club – Smart Athletics Club and has always been one to advocate beating your personal best.

Eliminate excuses
In fitness, consistency is the key.

Scheduling 30 minutes for fitness into your day is one way to keep your workout within your daily routine. Instead of just making appointments for work and play, make one with yourself.


Shout out loud
Another way to keep motivation up is to tell people about your exercise regime. It is very likely that you will keep to what you’ve told people you’re trying to achieve.

• Support helps and with a close person keeping you in check, the sky is the limit. Have a fitness buddy or join a fitness group to ensure you meet your fitness goals for the day or week.


It’s all about the treats!
An incentive system is one way to go.

Give yourself a target and when you reach it, reward yourself (with maybe even that pie you’ve been eyeing).

Visual props also give you a boost. All it takes is downloading an app and watching that trail you challenged yourself to complete. Post it on your social media platform for that sense of achievement.  

As you muster every ounce of energy to keep going, remember to hydrate. A well-hydrated body is akin to a well-oiled machine. Pump it up with the right nutrition for the ultimate run.

After you’ve gone the distance or half-way through, an isotonic drink may do the trick by giving your body the right balance of carbohydrates and electrolytes so you can quickly push on.


When we try to improve ourselves every day, we are focused and ready to reach our target in our own time and pace. This makes reaching our goals achievable and keeps us moving forward.

Hydration is one of the key factors in my success as a marathoner. This, as well as my calculated measures on how to always improve myself and excel further, has kept me on my ‘A’ game.

I think the right way to keep beating your personal best is to focus on motivation, hydration, nutrition and ruling your run.

Motivation is what gets you closer to your end game while hydration and nutrition keep your body in top form to perform the task and ruling your run ensures you’re the master of your challenge.




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