Biotrue promises daily comfort even with long use.

A new range of daily disposable lenses prevents dryness and provides ease of wear, attests Meera Murugesan

I STARTED using contact lenses when I was 20. Disposable lenses were unheard of then. One had to use permanent ones that required a rigorous cleansing routine.

Did I mention that multipurpose solutions were not available either? You had to use one product to clean, another to rinse and finally, a third to soak and store the lenses. 

It was a time-consuming and tedious process but one that I readily embraced given my dislike of spectacles. I have been myopic since primary school so reducing my dependency on glasses has always been a major goal.


These days, one is encouraged to opt for daily disposables. It’s more hygienic and minimises the risk of bacteria infecting the eye.

Bausch + Lomb’s Biotrue ONEday lenses features a material called Hypergel which is designed to work like the eye, matching the cornea’s 78 per cent water content and mimicking the tear film’s lipid layer to retain moisture.

When choosing contact lenses, many people including myself take the water content of the lens into consideration.

However, while a higher water content does provide initial comfort, it does not necessarily translate into all day comfort as it generally causes dryness at the end of the day.

Biotrue ONEday however, mimics the lipid layer of tear film to prevent dehydration, thus providing moisture for up to 16 hours.

I was very keen to try these lenses because it promised to prevent dryness and make long wearing comfortable.

I used it for the first time during a long dinner event held in an air-conditioned room.

I have to admit the lenses remained moist and comfortable throughout the five-hour event and I didn’t have to keep blinking my eyes as I usually do when my lenses start to dry up.

I was surprised at the comfort level because I had also not slept well for the past few days and that usually causes my eyes to become even more dry and wearing lenses aggravates it further.

However, with these new lenses, I did not encounter any of the usual struggles.

The lenses leave eyes feeling fresh and moist.


The following day, I put on a new pair, this time in the morning as I wanted to see whether it would really be as effective with long use.

I used it throughout the day, removing it only when I returned home at night around 10pm and I spent quite a bit of time in air-conditioned places.

I was quite surprised that it still gave the same comfort level. My eyes didn’t feel as tired as they normally would, and I didn’t experience the discomfort and vision blurriness that usually accompanies long use.

The only “test” I couldn’t perform was to see how these lenses functioned with long computer use.

Since I now need reading glasses for computer use, given that I have developed hyperopia, a common condition among the middle-aged, I can no longer use contact lenses to work as they only address my myopia.

However, for use outside of work, Biotrue ONEday certainly didn’t disappoint and gave me a welcome relief from my spectacles and even the chance to feel like I was 20 again.

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