IN this social media-driven world, anything under the sun can get viral overnight.

Every once in a while, amidst the usual celebrity gossip and controversies in the world of politics and so on, we get viral news about make-up.

A viral tutorial, a must-have product, unique beauty trends (remember the swirly eyebrows? Still cringing over that!)... the list goes on.

At other times, some make-up news stands out from the rest because of its human factor.

Let me share with you some that are still worth talking about.


Talk about couple goals!

Recently, an 84-year-old man, super devoted to his wife, made headlines when he revealed that he was learning how to do make-up as his wife, a make-up lover, was slowly losing her eyesight.

Des Monahan, who is Irish, began taking make-up lessons at his local Debenhams store when his wife began struggling to apply her make-up.

Recently, he released a tutorial on applying make-up on his wife, Mona Monahan, and it broke the Internet.

One of his reasons for doing this is so that she will always feel her best and be ready to face the world even when she goes blind.

In the tutorial, the man sweetly assures his wife that she looks perfect.

I loved that he didn't apply too much make-up as he thought she was “perfect” enough already. Talk about couple goals!


I don’t think anybody ever looked that good in a mugshot!

Now this is an interesting story. A woman named Marshala Perkins had just wrapped up a Facebook Live make-up tutorial in her dorm room when a friend popped by to take her out.

But as she waited in the car, a police car pulled up behind her and an officer began to inspect the car as he suspected there was marijuana in it.

Despite her clean record, two grammes of pot was found, so she had to spend the night in the lock-up.

But it was her mugshot that garnered the attention of netizens because her make-up was truly on point. I don’t think anybody ever looked that good in a mugshot!

Months later, Perkins launched a YouTube channel and an Instagram account dedicated to her make-up and word has it that she was even approached to start her own make-up line.


People were blown away by the uncanny resemblance.

A local make-up artist known as Alha Alfa previously made headlines after his amazing make-up transformation video went viral.

The talented make-up artiste had played around with his make-up essentials to transform himself into Bollywood superstar Datuk Shah Rukh Khan and netizens were blown away by the uncanny resemblance.

In just 24 hours, Alha’s photo garnered more than 13,000 likes, while his transformation video has been watched more than 101,000 times on Instagram.


The transformations show an incredible amount of attention to detail.

Boy, do we have some talented people in Malaysia. A make-up artiste named Saraswati who goes by the name Queen of Luna previously drew much attention, thanks to her make-up transformations.

The Disney fan stands out not only for her hijab but also because she does a really good job transforming herself into characters like Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Kim Possible, Ariel, Mulan and more.

The make-up artiste has said in previous interviews that she wants to show how hijab-clad Muslim women can also be artistes.

The mother-of-two wants to change the stereotype view that Muslim women are oppressed.

I love that her transformations show an incredible amount of attention to detail. The best part is she plays with the colours of her hijab to enhance the overall look.

*An average Jane with a make-up obsession, Syahirah Mokhtazar believes that the journey to the right lipstick shade is ain to finding your soulmate. Join her as she explores the beauty world one lipstick swipe at a time. Reach her at

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