YOU know that fear and absolute panic where you hope to do something or forget to do something?

Well, it’s all too normal when it comes to wedding planning and it can transform the most composed into neurotics suffering from a frightful nervous breakdown.

From getting enough sleep to being more involved with the guest list, I asked some famous brides the lessons they learnt about weddings (including their own).

Vivy Yusof

“Oh gosh, I would change so many things given the chance — worry less about my dress, eat before the ceremony, etc. But I wish I enjoyed the day more. The moments captured in photos and videos were great but I wasn’t smiling enough! My advice to brides is to let loose a bit and remember that there are cameras following you around.”

The view of Mount Kinabalu from Pekan Nabalu.

Deborah Henry

“I always thought that I was going to be relaxed and that I would have time with the preparation but closer to the big day, nerves just kicked in!

Not getting enough beauty sleep is the worst because you get stressed easily. Brides should maximise the 24 hours before the ceremony by pampering themselves.I thought I could do it but failed, sadly.”

, former Miss Universe Malaysia

Hanis Zalikha

“I’m a foodie and so, for my reception at home, I ordered most of the dishes that I love. I wish that I prepared enough containers to let guests pack some home because there were a lot of good food left.

I advise brides-to-be to choose their maid of honour wisely because she will be looking after you (from your make-up to your dress) especially on the big day itself.

Sometimes you don’t want to ask too much as a bride without coming across as demanding but you honestly can’t have someone who is not aware of the duties —regardless of whether it’s someone you are really close to.

I’ve been to a wedding where the maid of honour was clueless and not bothered with her tasks.”

Ensure you are well-hydrated during exercise. Photo from

Raja Nadia Sabrina

“Looking back, I would want my wedding to be more intimate. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the 1,000 guests and all but I didn’t get to meet everyone and thank them.

I would love to redo the concept of my ceremony or change the venue to a space where the wedding decor didn’t clash with the designs of the hall.Initially I wanted paintings to be hung against a white backdrop but I guess some things are just unforeseen.

Not only that, my health wasn’t quite tip-top during my celebration and it was such a pity because I wasn’t able to carry out a lot of the things I wanted to do. Two weeks before my reception, I was hospitalised and was discharged a day before the ceremony. The doctors asked me to postpone my wedding but of course I didn’t.

Thankfully I had family and close friends to help out leading up to the big day. Take it from my experience: as a bride you should always put your well-being first.”

Exercise is not recommended for pregnant women with severe anaemia. Photo from

Marsha Milan

“I love every part of my wedding, especially the dress and decor.But if I were to change anything, it would be my hairstyle during my reception at Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur. I had it up in a bun. It’s okay but I prefer my hair to be more simple and sleek.”

The chestnut-hooded laughingthrush.

Hunny Madu

“More white flowers at my wedding! I left the decor to my mum — she’s the best — but I overlooked some details. Looking back, if I could redo my wedding, I would probably be a bridezilla.”

Hunny Madu, singer and rap artiste

Scha Alyahya

“I’m going to sound so ungrateful but I would redo my solemnisation ceremony. I am happy that I finally got married and saw our wedding plans realised, but I took the reception a bit too lightly.

I was calm and relaxed compared to Awal. I would love to have looked as excited as my husband.”

The Silau Silau Trail through the lower mountain forest of Kinabalu Park.

Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, Amalina Kamal is living up to the phrase with no remorse. She has done it all – dress shopping, shower planning, teeth-checking, you name it. Reach her

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