Sisley’s skincare range targets two very challenging skin conditions, writes Meera Murugesan

WHEN it comes to skincare, most products either cater for dry or oily skin.

And as someone with combination skin, I can tell you that combination skin is more challenging to deal with because you’re coping with both oiliness and dryness at the same time.

So one has to be careful about the kind of products used to avoid aggravating either condition.

The Sisley Deeply Purifying Mask and Purifying Re-Balancing Lotion have both been developed for combination and oily skin.

The lotion, with tropical resins aims to eliminate excess sebum and tighten pores so skin looks more refined.


As someone who has open pores, I was excited to try out this product which functions like a toner and has the same watery texture.

I applied it to my face and neck in the morning and evening. It had a light fragrance which was very appealing and felt cool and refreshing on the skin.

It is targeted to rebalance skin and make it clearer, eliminate impurities and give it a fresh, luminous, softer look.

It also contains salicylic acid with micro-exfoliating properties which help reduce imperfection caused by clogged pores.

The Purifying Re-Balancing Lotion ensures fresh, matte skin after each application.

My skin certainly looked less greasy and fresher after each application. It’s a great product to perk up skin and give it a fresh, matte look, especially in our humid weather.


The mask, which comes in a 60ml tube, also aims to clear skin imperfections, reduce shine and make it look smoother.

Enriched with white clay, which has a powerful absorbent property, it rapidly eliminates excess sebum and impurities which tend to leave the complexion looking dull.

Lady’s Mantle leaf extract with astringent properties also helps improve skin quality, giving it a more even texture and matte finish.

I applied it twice a week and left it on for ten minutes as instructed before rinsing off with water. After each rinse-off I noticed a visible brightness in my complexion. My skin felt fresh, looked clear and seemed fairer.

I also loved the fact that I could apply a thick layer of the mask but it still washed off easily without leaving any residue.

The mask with white clay purifies skin and gives it a more even texture.

The final product in this range is the Sisley Restorative Body Cream. This cream, which comes in a handy 200ml pump bottle for easy application, has a remarkably light texture that is rarely found in creams. There was also no greasy feel after application given that it absorbs well into skin.

Formulated with a range of ingredients which offer maximum hydration for the skin including wheat sugar, chestnut extract and shea butter, this is a handy product to keep by the bedside.

It’s compact and easy to use and provides good moisturisation for the whole body. Even the skin on my leg which tends to be very dry benefited from this hydrating cream.


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