A complete skincare line from Nutox makes caring for skin super easy, writes Meera Murugesan

I HAVE always believed in using skincare products from the same range or brand. Unlike some women who mix and match from various brands, I believe that using products from the same brand works better for the skin.

This range from Nutox is a complete package as it contains everything from a cleanser and toner, to an anti-ageing cream, night repair and serum.

Nutox Cleansing Foam is targeted at women with normal to oily skin and like all the other products in this range, it doesn’t contain parabens, minerals or colourants. I have always used foaming cleansers although I have been told cream cleansers are better for my skin.

This cleanser with a light fresh fragrance did the job nicely. I only had to use a little bit to work up a lather and it didn’t leave my face dried out.

The cleansing foam does the job nicely.

It also cleansed thoroughly. Nutox Moisturising Lotion is a nice follow up to the cleanser. It functions like a toner and further refreshes the skin.

The moisturising lotion refreshes the face.

Nutox Anti-Ageing Cream, which comes in a dainty, elegant jar, has an incredibly light texture which took me by surprise because most anti-ageing creams tend to be very rich. This one felt as light as a lotion yet provided long lasting hydration which made the fine lines on my face less visible. It does in fact give skin a “lift”.

The anti-ageing cream has a very light texture.

But one has to be careful to use clean hands when dipping into the jar to avoid contaminating the product. I do wish it had come in a bottle with a pump dispenser for better hygiene.


The Advanced Serum Concentrate comes in an elegant ruby red dropper bottle. This elixir is supposed to work diligently to speed up the production of natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid levels to reveal visibly-younger skin in just seven days!

Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate speeds up the production of natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid levels.

I wouldn’t say my skin underwent a miraculous transformation in seven days but it certainly looked more hydrated and moist with a daily application of this serum. I have always believed that one can’t eliminate the signs of ageing (unless one goes under the knife) but we can make them less visible with the right skincare products.

This serum made my skin look smoother and younger because it provided good hydration which in turn made the fine lines around my mouth and forehead less visible. Prior to using this serum, I was very conscious of these lines as they seemed so obvious on my face.

Nutox Night Repair which comes in an attractive red jar has a slightly thicker texture than the anti-ageing cream but it’s still lighter than night creams I’ve used. This is an important criteria for me because I hate having greasy creams pasted on my face before I turn in for the night.

The night repair cream keeps skin hydrated.

This one was light, absorbed easily but effective in keeping skin hydrated.



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