Daphne Iking during the 89th Academy Awards libe screening at Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur on February 27, 2017.

DAPHNE Iking is from Sabah, known for its tropical rainforests, but it was the first time she had to breastfeed under the canopies of the dense jungle.

At the time, she was filming the action thriller, Sindiket, in 2013.

It was part and parcel of being a mum, while carrying out her job as a TV host and actress at the same time.

“It would have been fine if it was not in a forest or on a hot beach. Those were not comfortable at all!”

Iking, 38, recalled the awkward mammary sessions at the film’s gala screening in mmCineplexes at e@Curve in Mutiara Damansara recently.

“I wondered how to make it work, since filming would take place in Sabah for three weeks.”

But, it was an opportunity not to be missed.

Her husband, Azmi Abdul Rahman, who is also her manager, decided to bring along their two daughters, Isobel Daniella, and, Iman Daniella, then aged 3 and 1, to the filming locations.

“When it was time to breastfeed or pump, I had no choice but to do it wherever I was at the time,” Iking said.

In Sindiket, Iking plays Inspector Sabrina who works with Inspector Rudi (Shaarnaz Ahmad) in combating human trafficking in Sabah.

Despite the predicament, Iking felt inclined to get on board with the film due to its human trafficking theme.

“It’s sad and petrifying because the people whom we thought would protect us are the ones who are involved in this crime. Children as young as 6 months old are also targeted.”

Iking said some women put up a kind front when adopting young trafficking victims.

However, in reality, these children would be trafficked again or sexually abused.

“I keep telling single, unwed mothers that if they decide to give up their babies, do so through a proper channel. Do not simply sell them because that’s the easy way out.”

Iking, who is involved with non-governmental organisation Tenaganita, which shelters trafficked women, hoped Sindiket would leave a strong impact on viewers.

“I want to create public awareness on this serious matter. It needs to be nipped in the bud.”

On playing a cop, Iking said she found inspiration from her late father, Mozes, who was a policeman.

“Bade Azmi (the director) taught me how to hold a gun.

“When I showed my dad what I had learnt, he immediately disproved it, saying that that is not how a police held it in a real operation.”

Shaarnaz, Iking’s co-star, taught her a thing or two about executing action scenes.

“You cannot help but be absorbed in his energetic vibe. I automatically became Inspector Sabrina, thanks to him.”

She revealed that Sharnaaz was such a “teddy bear” despite having a badboy reputation.

Sindiket, which also stars Sharifah Amani, Liyana Jasmay, Tony Eusoff, Rashidi Ishak and Soo Wincci, is now showing in cinemas.

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