THE Renogy E.TUNES is no ordinary Bluetooth speaker. It is a splash-proof portable speaker that boasts of a built-in solar panel. In other words, you can enjoy a longer playback time as you relax on the beach, even when there is no power outlet in sight.

Being splash-proof means it is able to handle minor splashes and slight rain as it adheres to its IPX6 rating. Wireless streaming is handled over Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, and just in case there are legacy music playback devices in the vicinity, the accompanying AUX cable can do the trick.

It comes with an integrated LED light which is useful in the dark, and has a USB Fast Charge Port which allows it to double up as a portable powerbank. Underneath the hood, a 5,000mAH rechargeable battery will keep everything running fine and dandy. To enhance the overall music listening experience, the speaker also features a trio of dynamic equalisation modes for a more personalised session.

Whenever the Renogy E.TUNES is not in use, it will enter auto-sleep mode, helping to prolong its battery life. Right now, the speaker is on pre-order for US$134.99 (RM569) apiece.



DO you own an iPhone, an iPad or both? We all know that our everyday, frantic lifestyle will more often than not result in a battery that is drained before we know it. Here is a unique take at ensuring you will always have a Lightning cable to go alongside your phone regardless of where you are, with the LINQ Charger Bracelet.

Stylish yet functional, LINQ’s Charger Bracelet is available in two designs to cater for both genders. It is versatile enough to wear during the day as well as at night. Not only that, it has a recharging time of just one hour, not to mention the ability to synchronise to iTunes. The LINQ Charger Bracelet was designed as a stylish double wrap bracelet which should be able to work well regardless of the look that you decide to go with for the day.

It is ideal for those who may have left our charger at home. It basically provides much needed peace of mind for those who like to remain connected, be it for work, travel, socially, or family. The LINQ Charger Bracelet is not that expensive either, with an asking price of US$34.99 as it hits retail stores in October.

It is made out of a durable, double wrap lighting cable charger that is compatible with the iPhone and iPad, and will arrive in men’s (L/XL) and women’s (S/M) sizes. The accompanying ultra slim power bank can charge an iPhone and iPad in just an hour, and features a magnetic clasp for easy attachment. It only comes in the colour that Batman would approve of, that is, black.



MARSHALL Headphones knows just how important music is to many of us. This is why they have expanded their collection to include a trio of WiFi multi-room speakers. Known as Acton, Stanmore and Woburn, these speakers can play back different songs in each room, so nobody needs to fight over what to listen to. Alternatively, if you are celebrating a happy occasion in your home, you can always ensure that each room is piped with the same music for a uniform and consistent experience no matter where your guests mingle.

The US$350 Acton may be compact in size, but do not be fooled by its appearance. The kind of sound that it delivers is large, as the Acton speakers deliver a well-balanced, powerful audio experience, with its main advantage being the ability to fit on even the tiniest of shelves. The US$450 Stanmore speakers, meanwhile, is ideal for just about any room, regardless of whether it is big or small. Not only that, Stanmore can also churn out clean and precise audio at all volume levels. Last, but not least, is the US$600 Woburn from Marshall, which is the largest of the lot. Capable of delivering a robust sound with an appearance which is worthy of being a centrepiece in the home, the Woburn has the ability to achieve high trebles cleanly, while handling low bass without breaking a sweat with a clear, lifelike mid range.

A pair of 5.25 inch woofers that are capable of delivering 110 watts of amp power will provide the perfect audio delivery. Regardless of which model you settle for, they can be connected wirelessly with Chromecast built-in, Spotify Connect or AirPlay, Bluetooth, or through the RCA input or 3.5mm input.



WITH mainline flagship smartphones now featuring waterproof capability as the norm, what can be done to up the ante where rugged smartphones are concerned?

The Cat S31 is a prime example of how to get a rugged smartphone done right. This resilient handset is jam-packed with features that will keep anyone who loves to embark on outdoor adventures worry-free about its ability to withstand the elements. The Cat S31 sports a powerful 4,000mAh battery that is hidden underneath the rugged, IP68 waterproof, dust-resistant and drop-proof MIL SPEC 810G exterior.

This handset does not need a protective case and can shrug off drops onto concrete from 1.8 metres without missing a beat, regardless of the orientation. It has also been waterproof-tested to up to 1.2 metres of water for 35 minutes, and is more than able to handle thermal shocks. Arriving with a bright, 4.7-inch HD display that is protected by scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 3, reading the display in direct sunlight is no issue at all. The touchscreen will also work even when you have wet fingers or are wearing gloves.

Powered by Android 7.0 Nougat, the Cat S31’s other hardware specifications include 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory that can be further expanded via a microSD memory card slot, a quad-core 1.3GHz Snapdragon chipset from Qualcomm, an 8MP shooter behind with a 2MP camera in front, and dual SIM capability. The Cat S31 smartphone is priced at Є329 (RM1,654), making it well within reach of the masses who would want something different yet durable.


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