Lim says the app completely removes the need for chatting and thus saves time for singles.

Still looking for THE ONE? A new dating app with user-friendly and enhanced security features may be of help, writes Balqis Lim.

MANY dating apps in the market offers a place to chat with the opposite sex. However, LunchClick takes a different approach.

Developed by the Lunch Actually Group, the mobile dating app focuses on giving users one curated match a day.

According to LunchClick’s chief executive officer and Lunch Actually co-founder Violet Lim, the app completely removes the need for chatting and thus saves time for singles.

“Learning from our offline matchmaking experience, we noticed that more is not always better. When we have too many choices, we do not know who to choose or to focus on,” she says.

The LunchClick app lets singles do their own date coordination (as opposed to other dating apps which just connect singles on the app)

The “Propose a date” feature facilitates the date arrangement, and “Date feedback” on the app helps to improve their future matches.

According to Lim, LunchClick has been doing well since it was launched in 2015.

The app have had downloads in the six digits. About a third of users are from Malaysia. There are also many success stories. The company’s goal is to create one million happy marriages!

Firstly, singles sign up on LunchClick (available on Apple AppStore and Google Play) with their Facebook profile to allow for the gathering of basic information. Once an account is created, it will screen the profile.

Only those who have their status set as ‘single’ on their Facebook account are allowed to join.

There are Love Assistants who manually screen each profile. Fake profiles or singles whose ID are linked to marital documents will not be entertained.

Once the profile is manually approved, singles will receive one match per day at noon, which they can ‘Like’ or ‘Pass’.

Once there is a mutual like, instead of opening up a chat messaging window, the singles will be invited to interact through a Q&A session.

They can choose from more than 100 multiple-choice questions which cover areas such as values, opinions, interests and aspirations.

This facilitated and focused interaction allows the matched couple to know each other better, instead of wasting time on small chat which is often awkward and unproductive.

The most recent feature on LunchClick also allows singles to create their own Q&As for more engagement and creativity.

They also have the option to view Most Popular Q&As created by other singles.

If both parties are interested, they just tap on the ‘Meet Up’ button, and schedule a date with their match.

On the app, there is a ‘Propose a Date’ function where users can select the date, time and venue of the date, which their match can confirm or re-propose other dates and venues.

LunchClick has a post-date feedback feature, making it the only mobile dating app that captures after-date feedback for singles, thus helping couples gauge the success level of a date.

Following a date, singles will be prompted to give their feedback about each other. This feedback is kept confidential and will not be revealed to the other party. The information will enhance a matching algorithm to curate more accurate matches in future.

The app is completely free. However, LunchClick provides an upgrade within the app which singles can purchase, such as Love Assistant service and Sparks.

If they want a more personalised match, the Love Assistant can assist in handpicking matches and guaranteeing offline dates do happen.

Meanwhile, ‘Sparks’ is the payment system to purchase better features, such as reconnecting with a match, picking a match and other upgrades.

LunchClick is built to maximise the privacy and safety of its singles, as shown by its system and manual verifications. No personal details (such as full name, contact number) will be disclosed to any of the matches.

It also helps protect women’s privacy, with female-friendly features to deter men from frequent swiping or clicking ‘Like’ repeatedly just to accumulate the number of ‘Likes’. Women often receive inappropriate messages containing sexual content, and messages from men who claim to be single when they are not. This won't be a problem anymore with the no-chat function on LunchClick.

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