MELAKA-MANIPAL Medical College (MMMC) celebrated its 20th anniversary in Malaysia last year, and has become a popular institution for top medical education in the region.

MMMC was the third private medical school established in the country and had, since its inception, delivered highly-proficient medical professionals to the local healthcare system and all over the world.

The college started offering its flagship Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) in 1997, followed by the popular Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) in 2009.

The MMMC’s MBBS alumni are very successful in their practice, from the United States to Europe, and across Asia to Australia.

This is attributed to the intense and expert training that students have to go through.

Melaka-Manipal Medical College is offering scholarships to last year’s SPM and O Level school leavers who qualify.

The BDS programme, in its own right, is in high demand that its “seats” are taken up a full 18 months ahead of its intake, and if one wishes to enrol for this programme, the only way is via MMMC’s Foundation in Science (FiS) programme.

The FiS programme,  a pre-university programme, was launched in 2012. MMMC was the first to include medicine and dentistry subjects in its FiS curriculum.

Scholarships are offered by MMMC for students who wish to pursue the FiS this year.

Realising that financial assistance for students in pre-university programmes are virtually non-existent, MMMC is offering scholarships to last year’s SPM and O Level school leavers, who score a minimum of 5As, as long as the students meet the statutory entry requirements.

The very favourable terms and conditions augur well for FiS applicants, who wish to pursue their passion for medicine or dentistry.

School leavers who desire to take up the noble vocation of healing, but are hampered by difficult finances, are invited to call MMMC to learn about its scholarships and programmes.

What makes MMMC such an iconic institution is its adherence to imparting high-quality education, ever mindful that their graduates will be dealing with human lives.

Its mindset of continuous improvement and dedication to providing the best medical and dental education goes a long way to explain the accolades it received.

Tributes include MMMC being the first private institution to be granted a five-year accreditation by the MQA/Higher Education Ministry (MoHE) Joint Technical Committee for its MBBS way back in 2009.

In 2011, it was awarded the Brand Laureate Superbrand Best in Education — Medicine, and accorded 6-Stars in various categories of MoHE’s MyQuest ratings of private colleges between 2011 and 2013.

All students are welcome to visit the MMMC campus in Malacca.

If you are short on time, a quick phone call to 1-800-22-6662 or a visit to its website at will give you all the details you need to set yourself on an incredible and enjoyable journey of discovery.

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