Commuters have complained that the number of T303 and T301 buses going to Taman Mulia Jaya is limited. PIC BY ZULFADHLI ZULKIFLI

KUALA LUMPUR: The residents of a neighbourhood in Ampang are urging RapidKL to increase the frequency of stage bus trips to Taman Mulia Jaya following an increase in the number of commuters.

A commuter, Yap Wai Ching, who expressed her concerns on RapidKL’s Facebook page recently, said Taman Mulia Jaya-bound buses were packed, especially during peak hours.

Compared with other destinations, she said, the number of T303 and T301 buses going to Taman Mulia Jaya was limited and hardly arrived on time.

As such, commuters often have to endure rides on buses that are overcrowded.

“The bus operator should increase buses going to Taman Mulia Jaya,” said Yap.

Another commuter, Syamin Jamali, said it was important for the bus operator to monitor drivers to ensure they arrived on time at their destination.

She urged RapidKL to emulate the system practised in developed countries such as Japan and Korea.

“It is amazing how countries like Japan and Korea could provide reliable train and bus services for the people. I would be happy to take public transport daily if our trains and buses are just as reliable.”


A spokesman for Rapid Bus Sdn Bhd said Taman Mulia Jaya-bound buses are scheduled to arrive every 30 to 40 minutes, but it depends on the traffic situation.

He said RapidKL would take into consideration the feedback provided by commuters and ensure that drivers follow bus schedules stringently.

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