A computer systems outage at Pudu Sentral’s Urban Tranformation Centre infuriated the waiting public. PIC BY KHAIRUL AZHAR AHMAD

A COMPUTER system crash at the Immigration Department office in the Pudu Sentral Urban Transformation Centre (UTC), Kuala Lumpur, has upset many people.

The systems outage, which occurred last week, resulted in massive queues outside the department before it opened its doors at 8.30am.

Muhd Azam Zul, 24, said he waited from 9am to 2pm before turning away.

“The processing system failure could not be resolved that day.

“The Immigration Department gave no explanation for the disruption,” he said.

Karanjit Singh, 41, said the department should have an alternative procedure to process applications.

He said people should have also been notified clearly that the department’s system was not working.

“I did not know for some time as the queue was long and the notice was put up only at the counter in the room,” said Karanjit.

Hatta Faisal Nordin, from Raub, said the department should have explained the situation to people.

“Someone should be held responsible,” said the 44-year-old, who also queued up without realising the situation until he reached the door.


A spokesman for the Immigration Department said the computer outage affected only the UTC at Pudu Sentral.

He said other UTCs in Kuala Lumpur — in Datuk Keramat and Sentul — were operating as usual.

“The Immigration Department is aware of the system crash (at Pudu Sentral) and is working to restore it.

“We appreciate the public’s patience.”

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