The overgrown bushes at a home in Bandar Sungai Long, Kajang. PIC COURTESY OF READER

OVERGROWN bushes and untrimmed trees at a house in Persiaran Sungai Long 5, Bandar Sungai Long, Kajang, have residents.

Resident Bachan Kaur, 65, who has lived in the neighbourhood for 20 years, said her complaints had fallen on deaf ears.

She said she had asked the house owner to trim the trees several times.

She said she had yet to receive a response from the Kajang Municipal Council (MPKJ) despite lodging numerous complaints.

“I have spotted baby snakes in my house several times.

“It is not safe if reptiles are creeping into your house.

“I have spoken to my neighbours, and they refused to listen. Nobody in that house is bothered to do anything.

“Their unkempt yard endangers not only my family, but also the neighbourhood.

“There are several schools nearby, and Bandar Sungai Long is a dengue-prone area.

“I urge the council to take action against the house owner,” she said, adding that her neighbour’s roof was also dilapidated and was at risk of collapsing.


An MPKJ spokesman said the council would issue a notice to the house owners urging them to keep their surroundings clean at all times.

“We will send the notice to the house owners as soon as possible.

“Cleanliness is everyone’s responsibility, and every resident must make sure his or her surroundings are clean.

“They should not rely on the authorities all the time.”

On the dilapidated roof, he said the house owner was responsible for repairing it.

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