A resident in Sri TTDI complains of car parked at no-parking zone. File pic.

RESIDENTS of Sri TTDI condominium  are unhappy over unscrupulous parking at the entrance and exit of the building.  

Resident Anna Feroze said although the City Hall had put up line dividers, motorists still parked their cars on the right side of the entrance. 

 “There are parking lots on the left side of the entrance, but they are usually occupied by visitors to the condo. But, that does not give them the right to park haphazardly.”

Anna said this was a nuisance not only to residents but also visitors, who had turned the road into a one-way street.  

She said the City Hall should take stern action by clamping vehicles that obstructed the entrance of the condo.

“The drivers are not afraid even if they are issued summonses by the authority, I hope the authority will resolve this problem.”


A City Hall spokesman said the area was a no-parking zone. 

He said if enforcement officers found any motorists flouting the rules, they would be issued compound notices.

“Their vehicles would be towed away.”

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