The road in front of SMK Derma in Kangar does not have a speed breaker, posing a danger to students. PIC BY AZHAR RAMLI

KANGAR: The absence of speed breakers on main roads in front of a number of schools is a cause for concern among residents here.

Marliana Saad, 74, said she was worried about the safety of her granddaughter, a student of SMK Derma, who cycles to school daily.

She said motorists plying the road in front of her granddaughter’s school often sped.

She said although the school was located only 2km from her house in Taman Putra Indah, her 13-year-old granddaughter had to cross the road to get to the entrance of the school.

“Traffic near the school is heavy, especially during peak hours in the morning and afternoon when people rush to work and lunch.

“Some motorists do not slow down when they pass by the school and this poses a danger to students who ride, cycle or walk to school.

“It is necessary to have speed breakers installed in front of all schools, especially primary schools, for the safety of children,” she said.


The state Works Department said the road in front of SMK Derma was being resurfaced.

He said the department would paint a speed breaker marking in front of the school soon.

Its director, Rahmat Abd Rahman, said Jalan Sekolah Derma was a state road and that speed breaker markings had been painted at the school entrance, as well as the entrance near Jalan Penjara.

“The department will take the necessary action, taking into consideration the safety of students,” he said.

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